Nancy L. Salz Consulting is a New York City – based firm specializing in the management of advertising and other marketing communications. Our mission is to improve the productivity of the marketer-agency relationship – and to achieve it, we work with marketers and their agencies in the presentation of training seminar programs and in a consulting capacity.

Over half of the top 50 advertisers have participated in our training since our company was established in 1983.

Nancy L. Salz teaches our live web tutorial. She is the author of How to Get The Best Creative Work From Your Agency: Advertising, Interactive and Other Marketing Communications Fifth Edition. Paperback, McGraw-Hill 2005; Kindle Edition 2011.

Ann E. Faison became associated with Nancy L. Salz Consulting in 1987. Holding a Masters degree in international management from Thunderbird, she leads all of our on site programs both internationally and in the United States.


In our seminars, marketers learn by doing.

To learn how to work with an agency – we all practice working with an agency. And do so at every step of the development process.

To learn how to give creative comments – we practice giving creative comments.

To learn how to develop a focused creative brief and strategy – we practice writing briefs and strategies.

Marketers gain their new skills, insights and knowledge the best way – through experience right in the seminar – with expert guidance and coaching.

We’re known for outstanding teaching and highly interactive seminars. That’s why our programs have been so effective and why we’re invited back to major marketers again and again and again!